The10 Best Homeschooling Programs for Children with Autism 2020

Homeschooling Programs for Children with Autism

Children on the autism spectrum have special homeschooling needs. Their parents want carefully designed learning programs created by educational experts that can accurately assess the child’s current learning level. They also need to know their child’s specific abilities and learning deficits or issues.


With an excellent home schooling curriculum, each child can enjoy student-paced learning. Every student can build knowledge, skills and self-confidence in academic studies and social interactions. The National Home Education Research Institute (NHERI) advocates the flexible, personalized approach of quality homeschooling.


Excellent home study programs can bring best results in all areas of academics and socialization for children with autism today. The detailed information that follows will help you determine the ideal homeschooling program for your own child’s rewarding education. All of these specialized learning programs are equally popular with girls and boys today.


Top 10 Innovative Homeschooling Programs for Children with Autism




The ABCmouse.com Early Learning Academy provides a full curriculum for children of ages 2 to 8 years. It enables children to build a strong learning base of knowledge during their early stages of education and development. This unique study plan is carefully structured by nationally acclaimed experts in childhood education. It is a homeschooling program that helps children gain all of the major learning skills.


With the use of this program, your young child can also acquire strong social, communication and creative expression skills. This curriculum is not designed specifically for children on the autism spectrum. However, it is well-suited to the learning needs of autistic children. It encourages each child to learn at his or her own pace, which is essential for educating children with autism.


The ABCmouse online study plan features a complete curriculum from preschool lessons through second grade levels. It includes over 9,000 engaging learning activities in reading, math, beginning science, social studies, art and music. Your child will enjoy following this exciting path that leads the way to gaining lifelong learning skills and abilities.




Abeka is a Christian bible-based educational curriculum for children from preschool through grade 12. This comprehensive study program includes innovative textbooks, DVDs and other teaching aids. Its clear, well-designed structure is suitable for use by children on the autism spectrum. This study plan is based on proven academic methods and presents a global biblical view to children.


This flexible early learning program enables you to mix and match lesson plans for your child. You can select the textbooks, study kits and video lessons best suited to your child’s current education. You can decide whether to teach your child on your own or with help from Abeka experts.


This specialized and flexible curriculum design will enable you to teach your preschooler the short and long vowel sounds. With the assistance of Abeka experts or on your own, you can teach your fourth-grader to write a research paper. You can even experience the satisfaction of guiding your child all the way from learning numbers to understanding pre-calculus.




Easy Peasy is a children’s educational curriculum created by a homeschooling mother. As a free study plan, this program is a comprehensive resource for childhood learning from preschool through eighth grade. It includes a full range of subjects from reading, language arts and math to computer studies and logic. Each of these courses can be changed online to a higher or lower grade level.


Workbooks of printable materials are also available. You can also purchase offline courses in the Easy Peasy (EP) online store, if you like. Donations are welcome for this unique early childhood training program. The main goal of the EP curriculum design is to enable the homeschooling of children regardless of family budgets. Courses at all grade levels offer 180 days of complete lessons.


The EP curriculum is ideal for children who work well from a task outline. Lessons can be completed with or without parental assistance according to each child’s needs. Autistic children can benefit by progressing through the wide range of subjects in this curriculum at their own natural pace.




Gemm Learning offers programs for children with deficits in cognitive, reading, math and general learning skills. Gemm Learning aids young students of age 5 and above. It addresses dyslexia, attention deficit disorder (ADD), auditory processing disorder, learning delay and autism spectrum disorder (ASD). Gemm students often gain 1.5 to 2.75 years of reading skills in 4 to 6 months.


This specialized learning program develops unique protocols using over 50 adaptive exercises. Each one targets a different cognitive or reading skill with the use of customized exercises. When these exercises (protocols) are integrated into the Gemm program, students experience better mental focus. Their learning and homework completion rates, grades and self-confidence all improve.


Gemm software addresses the delays in mental processing that indicate autism in children. This curriculum is designed to raise levels of language and reading skills in autistic children.




Memoria Press offers a thorough classical Christian K-12 curriculum. It teaches and promotes the Western Christian world’s classical heritage with a strong focus on liberal arts and great classical works. The program develops wisdom and virtue by teaching students to pursue goodness, truth and beauty. The goal of this curriculum is preserving Western civilization “one student at a time.”


The program offers a Readiness Assessment for young students to help parents understand a child’s current learning level. The Memoria Press K-12 curriculum offers multiple features that are beneficial for children with learning challenges such as autism. Lesson plans and subject materials are well-designed and clearly organized.


This curriculum is ideal for a combination of parent-guided discussions and the child’s independent study and input.




Time4Learning’s automated system grades lessons, tracks progress and keeps reports for homeschool portfolio usage. Reports can be accessed at any time through the Parent Administration page and can be pulled by date or subject. As members, you and your child will have access to an entire year’s study plan and materials 24/7/365.


This innovative and unique curriculum is specially structured for children with Asperger’s Syndrome and high-functioning autism. Using the automated system, students can progress through lessons at their own speed alone or with the aid of an adult. Both academic learning and social skills are emphasized, often with the use of video and animation.


We think that you will appreciate the specific tools and support for parents that are part of this program. Valuable resources include homeschool teaching aids, printable lesson plans, activity scheduling and an online parent’s forum for sharing experiences.


  1. ACE


The Autism Curriculum Encyclopedia (ACE®) is a comprehensive childhood education program designed for Applied Behavior Analysis. This curriculum can be customized and emphasizes the student’s talents and learning strengths during learning. For this reason, it is quite popular with autistic students who often display definite talents and abilities in specific areas of learning.


ACE was designed and developed by The New England Center for Children. This globally acclaimed non-profit research center and school currently uses this curriculum in daily instruction plans. You can use the convenient ACE app offering over 2,000 excellent Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) lesson plans.


This curriculum is designed to teach a wide range of skills to students of ages 3 to 22. Skill set areas include academics, communications, social interaction, health and safety and self-help. Additional skills are taught in recreation, physical education and personal development.




All About Learning Press makes reading and spelling compelling and fun for children. After completing the pre-school and kindergarten programs, your child will advance to the next four levels. The All About Reading curriculum teaches phonics, decoding, vocabulary, fluency and comprehension using multi-sensory instruction.


The All About Spelling lessons include learning encoding skills, spelling rules and multi-sensory techniques for accurate spelling. Using the respected Orton-Gillingham approach, this homeschooling program offers seven full levels of instruction. The multi-sensory learning approach can be beneficial to autistic children’s learning experience.


This engaging curriculum offers mastery-based lessons that teach one concept at a time. It is easy to teach your child using this format in concise, 20-minute sessions each day. You can also obtain an interactive kit that provides divider cards, letter tiles, magnets and other tools. These teaching aids are designed to enhance your child’s early learning.




The Apologia homeschooling program has a foundation in the Christian faith. This curriculum is known for its top-rated K-12 science lessons. The study plan has won first placement in the homeschooling education community for over 11 consecutive years. This unique program teaches in a conversational manner, putting facts into a global perspective.


Apologia also provides acclaimed online classes as recorded or live sessions for grades 7-12. You can select either textbook learning or online courses for your child. Young children on the autism spectrum often gain learning skills and grasp knowledge quickly from online presentations.


The unique Apologia curriculum will enable your child to excel in science, worldview, math, history and government studies. It offers a complete homeschooling program for your child’s education.




TeachTown lesson plans are designed in a clear, systematic style that is easy for parents and students to follow. This program automatically records data to accurately document each child’s progress. It can enable parents with children on the autism spectrum to monitor their child’s learning progress each day.


Two different tracks of the TeachTown curriculum also place it among the most popular homeschooling programs for autistic children. TeachTown Basic combines computer-based learning with studies initiated by a parent. It offers vocabulary studies, language and cognitive skills and multiple academic subjects.


TeachTown Social Skills is offered online for elementary and middle school students. This specialized curriculum focuses on student-oriented animated characters that promote social awareness and skills. These essential skill areas include understanding social indicators, recognizing emotions and engaging in group conversation.




We hope that you have gained some helpful information and insights on homeschooling options from reading this article. Our goal is to provide you with important features and aspects of the ten top-rated, comprehensive curricula. All of these home study programs for teaching children in grades K-12 at home provide a full educational experience.


All programs are not designed specifically for teaching children with autism. Yet each curriculum discussed has features that can enable your autistic child to excel and grow, both academically and socially. Every program can provide your child with the opportunity for a better lifetime experience. You, as a concerned and dedicated parent, can now make the ideal choice for your child’s homeschooling program.


You can select an innovative and unique study plan to engage, educate, inspire and delight your child.

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