Best Accredited Homeschool Programs for 2020


Want To Know The Best Accredited Homeschooling Curriculum?

Here’s A List:

When you decide on homeschooling as the preferred method of education for your child, you realize it is one of the most important decisions you will ever make. But upon making this decision, your thoughts must then turn to how to provide a quality educational experience for your child in a home environment. To do so, I believe it is best if you choose a curriculum that is fully accredited.


In doing so, you take the guesswork out of wondering if your child is receiving an education equivalent to those children in public or private schools. If you’re ready to make this commitment to your child but need information on accredited homeschool programs, here is a list featuring some of the best available for purchase.


Bridgeway Academy

For many parents who choose homeschool programs for their children, I have found many select programs from Bridgeway Academy for a variety of reasons. Along with offering some of the top-rated accredited programs for K-12 in the nation, you can also select full-year curriculum kits, individual courses for various subjects, and even online classes if you still want to provide your child with the chance to interact with instructors and other students. Offering their products for over 30 years, I also like the fact that Bridgeway’s curriculum kits can be tailored to meet your child’s learning style and are filled with fun extra activities.


Forest Trail Academy

If you prefer a homeschooling experience that emphasizes a Christian-based curriculum and can be done entirely by correspondence, consider Forest Trail Academy for your children. Offering K-8 accredited homeschool programs, Forest Trail Academy is known for being very affordable, with total tuition costs starting at only $950. From an academic standpoint, I especially like the school’s self-paced lessons and book-based curriculum, which can be very beneficial for those students who may lack or have limited internet access.


Providing parents with official records such as transcripts, diplomas, and even records allowing you to comply with your state’s compulsory attendance laws for students, I think you’ll find Forest Trail Academy gives you homeschool programs that offer both a quality education and ones that fit best with your values and beliefs.


Laurel Springs

An accredited, private, and online school, Laurel Springs offers one benefit that separates it from most other homeschooling options. For children in grades 6-12, I especially like the Gifted and Talented Academy. Working independently, with teachers, and other students via online discussions, your child can complete various projects that emphasize artistic, musical, intellectual, or even athletic pursuits.


Along with its Gifted and Talented Academy, Laurel Springs also offers standard accredited programs for kids in grades K-12. Offering rolling enrollments, your child can thus begin their studies anytime during the year. If you are seeking a solid college-prep program that prepares your child for future challenges in college and career, Laurel Springs deserves a close look.


Acellus Academy

Fully accredited and affiliated with 4,200 public schools across the U.S., Acellus Academy offers you and your child numerous benefits. Especially geared toward students who have faced past challenges in traditional schools, such as those who have been bullied, have special needs such as autism, or are dealing with chronic illnesses, Acellus Academy is also very popular with military families and their children. Offering a K-12 curriculum in an online format, Acellus also offers scholarships to students through the Roger Billings Mentoring Program.


If you have a child who gains this scholarship, they will have the chance to participate in TalkScience Live, a weekly online lecture featuring Roger Billings that is broadcast over the internet. In addition to this valuable experience, you can also have reduced tuition rates for your child, with scholarship tuition rates being $79/month or $699 per year if paid in full.


Penn Foster

One of the largest and oldest private high schools in the United States, Penn Foster offers you both online and print-based educational programs for your child. Along with its national and regional accreditation, I especially like the school’s transfer credit policy, which allows for both academic and financial credit for classes children have already completed. Very affordable since it offers various payment plans starting at less than $2 per day, parents of all income levels can use this program to allow their kids to complete high school at home.


As I have noticed over the years, more and more parents are apprehensive about sending kids to public schools. Whether it is the fear of violence or wanting educational programs that focus on faith, these and other reasons make the above-mentioned schools very popular options for you and your child. No matter which of these programs best suits you and your child’s educational needs and requirements, I am certain you will be able to see your child become an academic success story.

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